Enter the New Age of Programmatic Content Marketing

Buzzstarter is the world's first scalable programmatic content marketing platform.

  1. Content Marketing at Scale

    Cut out inefficient back-and-forth between brand managers, agencies, and publishers. Publish your content to social, mobile, and emerging channels all on one platform.

  2. Programmatic Real-Time Bidding

    Get access to tens of thousands of publisher sources through a real-time bidding exchange and match your content algorithmically to the top performing channels.

  3. Sophisticated Audience Targeting

    Ensure maximum impact and relevancy of your creative content by leveraging Buzzstarter's rich data and advanced filtering tools to hone in on your ideal audience.

  4. Automatic Optimization

    Achieve the optimal distribution across all channels with just one click, regardless of whether your goal is to maximize social shares, content views, or customer conversions.