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Buzzstarter is the world's first scalable programmatic content marketing platform.

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Content Marketing at Scale

Buzzstarter's programmatic platform scales with your marketing budget and optimizes distribution to target audiences for any form of creative content. And it's all at your fingertips.

Programmatic Real Time Bidding

Buzzstarter provides access to tens and thousands of different publisher sources through a real-time bidding exchange. Buzzstarter's data attribution algorithms provide predictive analysis ensuring optimal match between exchangers.

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Data and Audience Targeting

Buzzstarter optimizes, attributes and normalizes data from publisher sources to not only match the right content with the right publisher but also provide deep insight into audience personas to gain real-time insight into audience sentiment.

Real Time Dashboard

Gain real-time up to the second analytics dashboard access. Adjust RTB spend, audience targeting, and KPI's in real time. No more black box.

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